by Gerard Roelfzema

AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo expands cargo network with a new passive container solution

It is hard to escape the word “innovation” today. In the pharmaceutical industry, the continuous creation of new, innovative products and processes is considered to have the highest, strategic relevance. The industry depends on a fast, reliable and efficient air cargo service to move its high-value, temperature-sensitive cargos. As a leading carrier, we are constantly searching for innovative and reliable solutions so that we may better serve the industry. More and stricter regulations and guidelines mean our customers have to rely increasingly on closed cool chain solutions. It is precisely in this context that we are now able to offer you passive container rental arrangements with the introduction of va-Q-tec containers. The launch of our new product is part of our Closed Cool Chain solutions?, which provide you with a greater range of choices between active and passive container lease options. We strongly believe that our passive container option will provide you with state-of-the-art performance, effective cost savings, and easy integration into your existing processes. In addition, the introduction of this new container service will also bring you the following benefits:

more choice in container lease options?additional temperature ranges varying from –50°C to +40°C
constant temperature guarantee during transport for a minimum 120 hours
access to a larger pharma network

Our pharma product portfolio currently offers Closed Cool Chain solutions? which consist of leasing arrangements for active and passive containers, and Controlled Cool Chain solutions?, which offer three temperature ranges, 2-8°C, 2-25°C and 15-25°C. To read more about our pharma product offering and solutions, and our network capabilities, click here: or here:

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AIR FRANCE KLM MARTINAIR Cargo expands cargo network with a new passive container solution